Friday, January 3, 2014

Afghanistan’s Next First Lady Could be a Christian. If Ashraf wins.

Afghanistan’s Next First Lady Could be a Christian.

In The Last Weeks Poll Former Karzai's Cabinet Minister Ashraf Ghani Tops the Poll with average of 29% Percents. currently has a 4-point lead over his nearest rival Doctor Abdullah Abdullah (29% compared to 25%, respectively). In the Past Ashraf Ghani ran against Karzai in 2009 yet finished fourth; he hired James Carville as a campaign consultant then. also supports negotiating with the Taliban if the terrorists agree to a ceasefire first.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Ghani is his wife, Rula, whom he met while attending the American University of Beirut during the late 1970s. She come from a religious Christian family and it could be new Christian first lady ever in a religious extreme Country Afghanistan. “For her public presence and stylish European dress, Rula Ghani stands out as the most Westernized woman in America. He attend a local Church in Sunday Ceremony with his son Terak. And, as a bio of Ghani’s U.S.-born son Tarek notes, Rula is a Lebanese Christian. In a interview with CBS News Rula said " Whenever Dr. Ashraf Ghani travels to United States of America to see his family once or twice month, I cook his favorite Lebanon dish.

One of the most concern and dangerous which really concern his family is that Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani is battling his life. His wife Rula said,  I think in a way he feels he doesn't know how much time he has to live and that he has to do this very quickly." Ghani is not in perfect health. He lost part of his stomach to cancer several years ago. His immune system is weak. He rarely sleeps more than four hours a night.

   Dr. Ashraf Ghani often attends their local Church for worship with his wife, Rula. in the left Back in 2009 Ashraf Ghani with Priest Steven in Christian Gathered in Church Ceremony in Beirut. As Mrs Rula said his Husband Mr Ashraf Ghani, not seems to be more religious but he often find himself to be more Christian then islam or whatever you name it,  for a person that came from Muslim family and settled in a Christian family.

He considers the work, though, well worth the tax on his health. cabinet colleagues, indifferent global donors and stomach cancer as he struggles to salvage Afghanistan's ravaged economy. If he fails, the world could pay an enormous price. Death haunts Ashraf Ghani. A gaunt 55 year old who constantly fingers his prayer beads, the Finance minister of Afghanistan consumes three meals in as many hours during a recent visit, to provide constant sustenance to his cancer ravaged body. "I only have about 2 percent of my stomach left," he explains matter of factly as he devours a breakfast of rice and bananas while his chef prepares another helping. Nearby, four bodyguards carrying Kalashnikovs scan the grounds of Ghani's modestvilla in the leafy Wazir Akbar Khan district, where Kabul's elite live and work,barricaded against car bombs. From overhead comes the nonstop buzz of NATO helicopter gunships. Barely a week goes by without at least one senior Afghan official being assassinated "This job is one of the worst on the face of the earth," sighs Ghani, whose cancer, atleast, is in remission.


  1. for me it is not important that his wife believing in which fate, or from country she is.
    the important thing for me is if he be a good president,could serve the country nice.

  2. This is a very poorly written collection of lies. He is not a Christian and he is in perfect health. He is a muslim and his lovely wife Rula has converted to Islam. She can challenge you in a test on Islam and she will obliterate you. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is the best thing that has happened to Afghanistan in the last 30 years. With him Afghanistan will go forward! Afghanistan zindabad!

  3. what is going on i don't know

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  5. This all is fake which struggles to damage the value of Dr Ashraf Ghani Baba's background. (this is political aspect)

  6. Even the name of the website is written wrong grammatically..... This is a nice joke yet revealed in the year 2014..... Really interesting! keep on adding more jokes ....

  7. This is a sheer lie, and its all because of 2014 election, he is in perfect health and is religious Muslim....